At Heartland Baptist Academy, we do not make unrealistic promises, but we do promise to give your child a high level of academic excellence nurtured in an environment that is distinctively Christian.  We believe this will provide your child with the strength and ability to lead a godly, fruitful, and happy life.  We offer a comprehensive curriculum combined with a strong foundation in Christian and moral teachings.


What is the key to a great education?  All aspects of training are important, but a child’s ability to read is fundamental to all other learning. Constant strengthening of basic reading and comprehension skills continue throughout the elementary grades. The sooner a child masters basic reading skills, the sooner he or she will achieve and enjoy learning. At HBA, the emphasis on reading skills begins in kindergarten with a strong phonics program that equips a child for excellence in all areas of academics. The combination of excellence, traditional education, spiritual training, and opportunities in chapel, physical education, fine arts, and music provides your child with the building blocks necessary for a strong educational foundation.


We strongly believe that God has a specific plan for each one of our students, and it is our goal to prepare our students for whatever the Lord may call them to do. As Christians, we do not want our young people to ever be hindered in the work of the Lord due to a lack of education or preparation. Heartland Baptist Academy enjoys working with families to ensure a quality education to further the minds of our students and the kingdom of God.


Our academics are enhanced by the following:


Student to Teacher Ratio

Our ratio is approximately 6:1. The small class sizes allow our teachers to conduct experiments, teach individually, and to work more one-on-one with students. The teachers at HBA are dedicated and willing to offer assistance and even private tutoring outside of the traditional class time if necessary.  This tutoring is conducted under the direction of the classroom teacher and a student majoring in education at Heartland Baptist Bible College.


Strong Curriculum

Our Kindergarten program has a strong focus on Phonics skills to give our younger students a strong foundation of basic reading skills to build life long learning. As students enter into elementary they are challenged to develop writing, arithmetic, and reasoning skills. Upon entering the upper grades, students are challenged to hone the skills and stretch the learning through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.


At Heartland Baptist Academy, your child can have excellent academic preparation along with the extra advantages of Bible instruction, and every subject taught from a God-centered point of view.