Classes at HBA utilize the A Beka Curriculum.  For over four decades, A Beka has provided Christian educators and students with highly scholastic, King James Bible-based textbooks and support materials.  A Beka curriculum is implemented at HBA in both a traditional classroom setting as well as through classroom video instruction.  The nation-wide respect and acceptance of A Beka allows for a much easier transition of students transferring to and from other locations.

HBA provides classes for Pre-Kindergarten 4 through 12th grade.  Grades Pre-K4, Kindergarten, and a combined 1st/2nd grade class are traditional teacher-lead classrooms.  In these classrooms we lay the best foundation for future learning by instructing our students to read utilizing the A Beka Phonics program.  This methodology enables each student to transition into 1st grade knowing how to read beginners children’s books.

Classes in our upper elementary and secondary grades receive video-instructed curriculum.  Grades 3-6 are grouped in one classroom with a teacher to lead and guide all instruction and activity while 7-12 are grouped in another classroom with the same structure.  These students also benefit weekly from the personal connection established as the classroom teacher replaces the video teacher for select subjects and lessons.